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Photograph of football players.


  • A team of 11 players competes against another by trying to get a ball into the opponent’s goal.
  • The game is composed of two 45-minute halves for a total of 90 minutes and 15-minute half time.

Features as deaf sport

Deaf football is 11-a-side football for persons with hearing disability. They communicate with each other on the pitch, not with their voices, but with eye contact and sign language.

A referee in deaf football uses not only a whistle but flags in making their calls so that players can obtain visual information. In international matches, with 2 more assistant referees standing behind both goals,
5 referees in total use flags to provide information for the players.

Photograph of a Referee signalling by waving a flag.


24th Summer Deaflympics (2022, CAXIAS DO SUL)

Football (Men, Women)


Deaf sport federation website